1. Aurora 3.0 - Magic Birds and Boars
    I'm excited to announce the official release of Aurora 3.0! Ian and I have been worked hard to build out a base theme that truly is designed around the best tools and techniques available for front end development today.
  2. Do You Believe in Magic?
    Today I'm excited to announce Magic, a first-of-its-kind module for Drupal designed to integrate advanced theme development settings into any theme.
  3. Responsive Nirvana
    While they've been soft launched for a few weeks now, I'm crazy excited to announce that we've finally, officially, launched [Singularity 1.0]( and [Breakpoint 2.0](
  4. Singularity 1.0
    I'm super excited to announce [Singularity 1.0](!
  5. Introducing Susy Next
    Updated on
    As of April 3, 2013, [Singularity]( is no longer being merged with Susy and is still being separately maintained. The original article is kept as a record.
  6. Measure Tester
    A tool to help measure your measure, helping you design for an ideal reading experience.
  7. Site Refresh
    So it's happened, finally. A site refresh. Back to basics, built with my actual usage in mind, not what I thought I'd use my site for.
  8. SVGs, Icon Fonts, and Rasters! Oh My!
    One of the most hotly argued topics in front-end development today is whether you should use SVGs, Icon Fonts, or varying-resolution Rasterized Images when it comes to resolution-independent interface elements. Like all great things on the Internet, _it depends_.
  9. On Responsive Design's Dirty Little Secret
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    After having extensive conversations with John Albin Wilkins, I've realized that some of the basic assumptions I made when I first went to test this are in fact incorrect and that I was working under the wrong mental model. I am keeping up the original article as record.
  10. Amusing Analytics for December
    Just decided to take a look at my analytics for the month of December, and I thought they were amusing, so I've decided to share.
  11. NYC Camp Presentation
    The slides from my NYC Camp 2012 presentation along with some links.