1. Do You Believe in Magic?
    Today I'm excited to announce Magic, a first-of-its-kind module for Drupal designed to integrate advanced theme development settings into any theme.
  2. Responsive Nirvana
    While they've been soft launched for a few weeks now, I'm crazy excited to announce that we've finally, officially, launched [Singularity 1.0]( and [Breakpoint 2.0](
  3. Singularity 1.0
    I'm super excited to announce [Singularity 1.0](!
  4. Introducing Susy Next
    Updated on
    As of April 3, 2013, [Singularity]( is no longer being merged with Susy and is still being separately maintained. The original article is kept as a record.
  5. Measure Tester
    A tool to help measure your measure, helping you design for an ideal reading experience.
  6. Site Refresh
    So it's happened, finally. A site refresh. Back to basics, built with my actual usage in mind, not what I thought I'd use my site for.
  7. SVGs, Icon Fonts, and Rasters! Oh My!
    One of the most hotly argued topics in front-end development today is whether you should use SVGs, Icon Fonts, or varying-resolution Rasterized Images when it comes to resolution-independent interface elements. Like all great things on the Internet, _it depends_.
  8. On Responsive Design's Dirty Little Secret
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    After having extensive conversations with John Albin Wilkins, I've realized that some of the basic assumptions I made when I first went to test this are in fact incorrect and that I was working under the wrong mental model. I am keeping up the original article as record.
  9. Amusing Analytics for December
    Just decided to take a look at my analytics for the month of December, and I thought they were amusing, so I've decided to share.
  10. NYC Camp Presentation
    The slides from my NYC Camp 2012 presentation along with some links.
  11. Progressive Enhancement Code Pattern Using Sass and Modernizr
    Designing your websites in a [progressive way]( is one of the best and easiest ways to ensure that a user coming to your site, no matter the way they access it, is going to be able to use your website.