What Can Blue Do For You

After a fantastic 21 months, last Thursday was my last day at NBCUniversal. During my time there, I was able to grow from some rabble rouser telling a packed room in Munich to uninstall Photoshop to guiding multiple projects in modern standards and best practices. I was able to evolve Breakpoint, Singularity, and Toolkit into world-class projects, rewrote Style Prototypes not once, but twice, and grow tremendously in not only my front end development knowledge, but my design and content strategy knowledge. I built and was able to train on and use Intake Center to help put content front and center during the project intake process, and was able to collaborate on and create North, a project I’m immensely proud of. I’ve gotten designers who had never worked in the command line up and using Git, ZSH, and starting to design in browser. I’ve mentored, I’ve trained, I’ve learned, I’ve grown. I did this all while working towards pushing NBCUniversal’s brands, developers, and designers forward into a new a modern way of working. I hope that I was able to do all of that for my friends still there.

I want to thank everyone at NBC who, if I’m honest, took a leap of faith with me when I was hired, believed in me, and supported me through my journey there. It truly means the world to me. The journey wasn’t always easy, and I thank them even more for their support because of that.

So, what am I doing now?

Well, today was my first day working for IBM Watson as a UI Architect under IBM’s design team. Orientation is down in Austin, and I’m going to be here for DrupalCon as well, but I’m going to back to New York when DrupalCon’s over. I’m going to be staying in New York, so no getting rid of me yet. I will be pushing modern front end standards, evangelizing internally and externally IBM Design thinking, and helping to build and architect a pattern library and webapp platform that we’re looking to hopefully open source. Probably other things as well, maybe not some of those things, we’ll see. Today was just my first day and things evolve!

For many of you, your first question is going to be “I didn’t know IBM uses Drupal!” They may somewhere, but the group I’m working with doesn’t. That’s right, I’m moving on from a company that primarily uses Drupal. Gasp! Well, over the past year+ at NBC, I hadn’t been focused on Drupal anyway, so most of what I do is going to stay exactly the same. There will be some changes, however. I’ll be stepping back from primary maintainership of my Drupal projects, with Ian Carrico being awesome and stepping up officially as the primary maintainer for Aurora and Magic. He and Scott Rigby will be taking over Borealis and will be performing a much needed upgrade. I’m going to continue working on and maintaining my non-Drupal open source projects. This includes the stand-alone Borealis JavaScript which they will be implementing in an upcoming version of the Drupal module which I will provide some guidance on. I still plan on attending Drupal events, although my interaction may become limited to local and regional events as opposed to the international Cons, although that’s still up in the air.

I’m very excited for this next step, I can’t wait to dive in.