About Me

Hey there! I'm Sam! I work at Google as an Enterprise Partner Engineer! I previously have worked at IBM as the UI Architect for Websites and Platform for Watson, the Agile Team Experience Lead for the CIO, and the engineering lead for IBM's Digital Technical Engagement team. I got my start with the New York State Senate and have worked for the World Economic Forum and NBCUniversal where a love of Open Source, Open Government, and generally an Open World were instilled and reinforced.

I do quite a bit of public speaking and training. Most of the presentations are available online, some with videos of the talk. If you see me out at a conference, come say hi! I also have contributed a lot of open source work, most of which can be found on my GitHub page, or the GitHub pages of @import, Sass Tools, IBM Watson, and IBM Design. I've also done a lot of Drupal work, and that can all be found on my Drupal profile.

If you wanna chat with me, the best way to is to ping me on Twitter @Snugug. If you must email me, sam [at] snug [dot] ug will work, but I will warn you there's a strong likelihood I won't respond. If it's something about one of the projects I maintain, please file an issue instead of pinging me directly.

Licenses For My Site

All of the code and writing on this site falls under the licenses outlined for the actual site itself! Everything is open sourced!


You know, the standard views and opinions are my own spiel. I speak for myself, not for any current, former, or future employers, or the communities I'm a member of, even if my words are echoed by others, or even myself in a official alter-ego.

To the best of my knowledge, all code and writing is original, derivative under or from an acceptable license, or appropriately credited.