It’s September and this is my first post of the year! I really need to get better at that. Anyway. This is a good one! Something that y’all have been asking for for a long time, and something I’ve finally gotten around to kinda sorta doing, is finally here on the site! MY RECIPES!

That’s right! That food that I Instagram all the time, I’m finally going to start putting those recipes online! It’s all under /cookbook, which is going to have all of my recipe cards, which for now include some basic information for you to see if the recipe’s right for you. The first recipe I wrote down, for my slow scrambled egg toast, is mostly to design and test the format, but it’s also a good exercise in egg cookery for y’all! Let’s take a look at the recipe format.

The recipe format is stolen from inspired by one of my favorite cookbooks of all time, Modernist Cuisine at Home. The whole thing is fantastic, from their food photography to the really interesting and useful techniques to the recipe format, which when I saw I immediately was blown away at how, well, perfect it was. At the time, I thought that that’s how all recipes should be formatted, so when it came time to write mine down, that’s what I went with!

Now, I’m no test kitchen, so these recipes are going to be only roughly what I do with rough timings to match, so no scaling or alternative measurements unless I know them already, but the actual recipes should be easy enough to follow! Recipes are arranged in a table, with each row consisting of the ingredients and measurements you need, and the steps you’re going to do with those ingredients. Because you’re likely use to traditional recipe layouts, an easy “conversion” is to read the first two columns for what you’re going to use, and the last for your instructions. This recipe layout I feel makes mise en place easier and the overall recipe easier to follow.

In terms of the actual technical stuff that went in to making this, I’ve tried to keep it as accessible as possible, but I’m working with tables in tables. If you find it wonky, please let me know; I’d love help improving it! I’ve also discovered the object-fit and object-position properties, which effectively let me take an actual img tag and treat it like a background image! It’s a super nifty trick that I think will solve lots of accessibility paint points for me for things like card UIs in the future.

I hope you enjoy me finally both updating my blog and adding recipes to it! Have fun cooking!