Singularity 1.0

I’m super excited to announce Singularity 1.0! Singularity 1.0 comes from months of work refining the architecture, mental model, and documentation around the original Singularity alpha, and I’m very excited to see it get out the door! Singularity is the same awesome grid system you know and love, now with more shine. For those who are not familiar with Singularity, here are some of its highlights:

  • Semantic grid: apply your grid directly to your markup without adding grid classes. Everything’s stored within your CSS!
  • Support for both Symmetric and Asymmetric grids
  • Designed to be both Responsive and Mobile First.
  • Use Breakpoint to handle your Media Queries like normal; Singularity will know what grid to use when you call it!
  • Core support for both traditional Float and new Isolation output methods.
  • Super flexible: swap your grid, gutter, and even output method on the fly!
  • Designed to be a Grid Framework, not a Grid System.
    • Generic math engine that is container agnostic
    • Future friendly; Full API in place to support any output you’d like
    • Base mixin is generic and easy to build custom input mixins from

If you’d like to get started using Singularity right now, head on over to the Singularity Documentation

What about Susy Next?

Two months ago, we announced the first alpha of Susy Next. Since that time, not much has moved on Susy Next, and I became anxious to get the code we had written there to a stable place. I was also upset about having abandoned the Singularity users before formally releasing a stable 1.0 for everyone to use. Because of this, I have been working with Scott Kellum to get the codebase of Singularity up to snuff and ready for prime-time consumption, and that’s what we’ve launched today. I am still very excited about the potential of Susy Next, and have not abandoned the project. Instead, I will be working on both systems. When development picks back up on Susy Next and there is more to report, expect some more from me. In the mean time, I will be supporting Singularity and working with the Susy Next team where I can.